Before & After

Environmental Carpet Cleaning uses proven methods with safe, eco-friendly cleaning solutions for all different types of carpet and tile.

Our eco-friendly carpet cleaning goes deep into the base of the carpet, dissolving soil and grime from the bottom up, and extracting it and removing it from your home with powerful yet safe suction.   Our eco-friendly tile and grout cleaning process uses non-toxic agents with high pressure, high temperature clean water steam to dissolve and force the dirt out of tile and grout.

Below are some Before and After images which show the effectiveness of our methods and how you should never settle for anything less than the original look and feel of your original carpet.

Organic and non-organic spills

Wine Spill - Before and After

Plush carpets readily absorb spills creating unsightly stains. Environmental Carpet Care Professionals can remove the most stubborn stains and our Scotchguard treatment will prevent lasting damage from future spills and prolong the life of your carpet.

Low Pile – Berber

Low Pile - Berber

Low pile Patterned Berber

Your patterned carpet may have accumulated so much soil and grime that its original pattern is unrecognizable. Environmental Carpet Care professionals can remove long-standing dirt and grime to restore the beauty and contrast of carpets with even the most subtle and subdued patterns.

Although Berber is more soil and stain resistant than other carpet types, it is not impervious to accumulation of grime in high traffic areas or those exposed frequently to grease, tar, wetness (which attracts dirt).

Low Pile - Berber before and after

Brightly colored Berber cleaned, dried, and restored to its original vibrant color.

Deep Pile – Loop and Saxony

Badly soiled carpets may contain stains of multiple orgins combined with dirt and grime from daily traffic. Our experienced professionals know exactly what stain removal treatments to combine with the deep cleaning process to restore your entire carpet to its best possible appearance.

Deep Pile - Loop and Saxony

Multiple stains and long-standing grime are lifted away by our deep-cleaning process.

Your carpet may have a transition border wood or tile flooring. Environmental Carpet Care professionals have years of experience and can thoroughly clean even the trickiest flooring edges. We handle borders with other sensitive flooring with the utmost care.

Steam Clean Carpeting Boarders

We expertly clean carpet borders whether it transitions to tile, wood or other material.

Tile and Grout

Environmental Tile Care professionals will restore your tile and grout floors better than any other cleaner in Malibu.  Our cleaning process uses high pressure steam and eco-friendly agents to release dirt and grime, extract it with high power suction and remove it from your home. Moreover, we will help your floors keep the lustre longer by applying the highest quality non-toxic, environmentally safe sealers.

Tile and Grout

Environmental Tile Care cleaning process dramatically restores the original color and luster to your tile and grout floors.