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People Love Us on Yelp!

Jun 16, 2017   //   by Rafael Patterson   //   Blog Topics  //  No Comments

People Love us on Yelp, 2017 Award winner for Best Customer Service! Our approach is to a commitment to a holistic definition of service: creating value for others, outside and within our organization. We appreciate customers’ concerns take action to make sure they are happy.

Upholstery Cleaning by Environmental Carpet Care, Since 1991

May 1, 2017   //   by Rafael Patterson   //   Blog Topics  //  No Comments

Upholstery Cleaning. Whether you have kids or pets, frequently host friends and family or simply are at home a lot, you know your upholstered furniture is getting a workout. Dust, pollen, germs, food crumbs, stains and blemishes can’t be avoided. We can clean it now, call 310.456.7771

Working with fabric requires precision, as it is less tolerant of mistakes made when treating it. Whenever tough stains or noticeable soiling is apparent, a professional will likely be needed to remove it. Regular treatment by a professional is also recommended if there are children or pets in the home. Furniture fabric picks up a lot of pet fur and dander, and this can inflame allergies or look unsightly. Children are prone to creating messes with tiny hands and feet. Regular treatment ensures the fabric doesn’t harbor dangerous molds or other microbes that can harm a child, so hiring a professional is invaluable to the family’s health.

An upholstery cleaning service can give run-down and tired furniture new life, but it is important that the consumer know what to look for in a company, the questions to ask, and what to expect during the process. There are different styles and sizes of furniture, and a good provider will recognize the importance of handling each piece individually rather than as a whole. A cherished couch purchased last year should receive the same level of excellence as a prized family heirloom.

There are three basic steps to the process: prepping, cleaning, and finishing. Each company may have different ways of completing each step, but it ultimately boils down to those three things. The consumer wants to transform and give new life to dirty, frazzled furnishings, and a professional is invaluable when it comes to maintaining and restoring furniture as close as possible to its original state.

Aroomatherapy, Fresh and Clean Carpets in Every Room

Mar 30, 2017   //   by Rafael Patterson   //   Blog Topics  //  No Comments

Green Carpet Cleaning

Enjoy fresh and clean carpets, cleaned deep with fast drying steam that kills dust mites and eliminates allergens and soil from your carpets and home. Fresh scented aromatherapy for fresh and clean carpets in every room!

Removing Dust Mites and Allergens

Mar 6, 2017   //   by Rafael Patterson   //   Blog Topics, Latest News  //  No Comments

We clean your home using environmentally safe and effective cleaning products. Our natural cleaning products sanitize and deodorize, while leaving a citrus fresh scent. Your home will be cleaned so even the indoor air quality improves.

AIR DUCT CLEANING – Out of Sight is Not Out of Mind

Nov 12, 2015   //   by Ema   //   Blog Topics  //  No Comments

Although air ducts are out of sight, that doesn’t mean they should be out of mind. As time passes, contaminants build up in the ducts and can lead to decreased indoor air quality, higher energy bills, and even negative health effects.

ENVIRONMENTAL CARPET AND AIR CARE is family owned and operated, and has been improving the health of homes in the Malibu, West Side and Conejo Valley areas since 1993. They specialize in carpet and rug cleaning, air duct cleaning, hard surface and floor cleaning, and more. Their goal is to make lifelong customers by establishing friendships with their clients and by delivering high-quality work at a fair price. They shared their before and after photos on their Facebook Page.

They were called in to perform an air duct cleaning in a house recently… and WOW. We’re not sure how long these ducts had gone without a cleaning, but we suspect it was many, many years. ENVIRONMENTAL said that this job was in their top five worst air duct cleanings. No surprise there! Just take a look:


Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 7.46.25 AM



Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 7.46.46 AM



The air ducts were so clogged with pollutants – dust, allergens, etc. – that the airflow through the vents was likely extremely constricted, making the HVAC system work harder. In addition, the home’s inhabitants were breathing in particulates that had the potential to adversely impact their health! Pretty serious stuff.

ENVIRONMENTAL noted that some of the build-up hardened over time and they were unable to remove it, but it’s such a small amount you can hardly tell. After cleaning the duct with brushes, air-flow and whips, they sanitized and deodorized the whole system. Practically good as new – and WAY better than it was when they arrived!

El Nino in California: Tips to keep your carpets clean

Sep 6, 2015   //   by Ema   //   Blog Topics  //  No Comments

You’ve heard it on news that El Nino is coming this year.

El Nino in California

Be prepared for El Nino in California with these tips on keeping carpets clean during the rainy season.

As reported on AOL, the WMO recently released a report saying a majority of climate models and experts expect that El Niño will continue to strengthen through the rest of 2015, peaking between October and January.

El Nino’s make for much wetter winters in California. This means lots of rainy days and potential for flooding.

Your home and carpets are bound to be affected when you come in from the elements with damp footsteps, muddy shoes and rain soaked apparel.

Here are some tips to help keep your carpets clean throughout the upcoming rainy season.

1. Have a routine

The easiest way to keep carpets clean during the rainy season is having a plan for entering your home. Communicate the rules for leaving shoes and bags by the door to all family members and visitors. Having a plan prevents any mud or stains from reaching your carpets in the first place. You can place a shoe rack outside the door or a cute basket to keep footwear and rain gear in.

2. Vacuum regularly

The best way to keep your carpet fresh and free of dust and dirt is to vacuum it one to two times a week. Vacuuming regularly not only prolongs your carpet’s life, but also ensures that any grime or dirt dragged into the home will not be further embedded.

3. Keep rugs, mats and towels handy

Most homes already have a mat outside the door, but in the rainy season you’ll need to add more. It takes quite a few footsteps before the soles of your shoes can really become clean on the bottom. Leave towels by the door to wipe off dogs’ paws after their walks and strategically place any rugs or towels around the house on any carpets’ or high traffic areas.

4. Keep pets off carpet

This one is obvious, but you’ll want to keep pets that go in and out of the home off any carpeted areas. This can be accomplished with pet gates or shutting doors, if your carpet is only in certain areas of the home.

5. Remove odors

Wet dog hair, wet clothes and wet carpets from heavy rain outside can cause a moldy or stale smell. Make sure your home is being well ventilated. There are a lot of natural solutions you can use to make the carpets and air smell fresh. Soaking the carpet with white vinegar and water, then adding baking soda and vacuuming after will clear any smells of dampness.

6. Hire a professional cleaning service

If your carpet does happen to get very dirty and muddy during this rainy season, it can be best to hire a professional carpet cleaner to take care of removing the stains. Not only can this help keep carpets protected in the future, but you’re home will also feel completely fresh after a wet winter.

With these tips for protecting your carpets and us a call away should they need cleaning, you’ll feel prepared for El Nino in California this year.

Pet safe carpet cleaning

Sep 2, 2015   //   by Ema   //   Blog Topics  //  No Comments

Many household cleaners can have a negative effect on human health, but did you know they can be just as dangerous to your pets, too? This is especially true when it comes to cleaning your carpets.

Steam cleaning, the method Environmental Carpet Care specializes in, is the safest around pets.

Steam cleaning, the method Environmental Carpet Care specializes in, is safest for pets.

Unlike people, dogs and cats spend a fair amount of time close to the carpet, whether they’re walking or laying down for their afternoon nap. Some carpet cleaners contain toxic residues that animals can pick up on their paws and fur and then ingest during self-grooming. Steam cleaning, the method that Environmental Carpet Care specializes in is the safest.

So ensure you use only safe, yet effective, products to keep your pet healthy around carpet cleaning. When we say safe, we mean non-toxic, natural ingredients, no harsh irritants and friendly for the environment. Our steam cleaning meets all these standards.

Water is typically the best choice for pet safe carpet cleaning, natural cleaners are safer than their commercial alternatives. If you need to remove a light stain and odor in the house, apply an even layer of baking soda on your carpet, let it sit for an hour, and then vacuum thoroughly. It’s safe for most pets and just as effective as commercial carpet powders. Diluted white vinegar or lemon juice mixed with salt can be used to remove stains or as a pre-stain treatment right before you use a wet vac for cleaning.

There are numerous pet-safe deodorizers and stain removers that you can use for quick spot cleaning, as detailed here on Cesaer Milan’s website.  The two main ingredients to avoid for your pet when using a stain remover or household product are:

chlorine – can irritate eyes and skin.

ammonia – can cause sneezing and watery eyes.

We all love our pets and want the best for them, so if you need your carpets cleaned and you have animals in the house, call us for pet safe carpet cleaning.


Delivering the best air duct cleaning in Los Angeles

Aug 25, 2015   //   by Ema   //   Blog Topics  //  No Comments

If you notice dust and debris buildup on your grating or duct covers (and those get cleaned fairly regularly), just imagine the buildup that must be occurring within the ducts where you cannot reach to clean. Ducts that bend and turn inside your walls throughout the house are especially vulnerable to buildup of debris and contaminants. There are fans and motors at the heart of the system that need to be routinely checked and cleaned due to accumulating dirt and dust.

A dangerously dirty air duct on the left with years of dust and build up vs a clean air duct

A dangerously dirty air duct on the left with years of dust and build up vs a clean air duct

Indoor air quality and respiratory health are some of the most important aspects of living in your home. Air ducts and HVAC systems should be inspected by reputable, certified HVAC professionals. Our technicians have over 10 years of experience and are certified with the International Institute of Cleaning and Restoration. We consistently deliver the best air duct cleaning in Los Angeles. This is our process:

Environmental Carpet & Air Care duct cleaning process

Environmental Air Care’s process is the best air duct cleaning in Los Angeles.

1. First we remove, hand wash, chemically sanitize, hand dry and reinstall the furnace blower and motor assembly.

2. Next, we set up a negative air pressure in the air duct system by attaching our Air Care Super Turbo 3500 Triple Hepa Filter environmental vacuum system to the furnace end of the air duct system. This high-powered vacuum machine sucks all the pollutants from the duct system into it and completely traps them inside.

3. Finally, we sanitize and internally seal and deodorize the duct system with a powerful fogging machine and hypo allergenic, non-toxic deodorization solutions. Nothing is released into the air because we have created a closed system from one end of the duct that we are brushing to the other end where the air and contamination are being captured by the vacuum system. All of our cleaning solutions are environmentally safe, are made with your health in mind and improve your indoor air quality.

4. As an option, Environmental Air Care Professionals can install the most advanced Electro-Static Micron Filters at the furnace to capture dust and pollutants before they re-enter your duct system.

To keep your air ducts in the best shape possible follow a good preventative maintenance program. The difference with Environmental Air Care is that we treat your entire system whereas other services may only clean your air ducts.