El Nino in California: Tips to keep your carpets clean

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You’ve heard it on news that El Nino is coming this year.

El Nino in California

Be prepared for El Nino in California with these tips on keeping carpets clean during the rainy season.

As reported on AOL, the WMO recently released a report saying a majority of climate models and experts expect that El Niño will continue to strengthen through the rest of 2015, peaking between October and January.

El Nino’s make for much wetter winters in California. This means lots of rainy days and potential for flooding.

Your home and carpets are bound to be affected when you come in from the elements with damp footsteps, muddy shoes and rain soaked apparel.

Here are some tips to help keep your carpets clean throughout the upcoming rainy season.

1. Have a routine

The easiest way to keep carpets clean during the rainy season is having a plan for entering your home. Communicate the rules for leaving shoes and bags by the door to all family members and visitors. Having a plan prevents any mud or stains from reaching your carpets in the first place. You can place a shoe rack outside the door or a cute basket to keep footwear and rain gear in.

2. Vacuum regularly

The best way to keep your carpet fresh and free of dust and dirt is to vacuum it one to two times a week. Vacuuming regularly not only prolongs your carpet’s life, but also ensures that any grime or dirt dragged into the home will not be further embedded.

3. Keep rugs, mats and towels handy

Most homes already have a mat outside the door, but in the rainy season you’ll need to add more. It takes quite a few footsteps before the soles of your shoes can really become clean on the bottom. Leave towels by the door to wipe off dogs’ paws after their walks and strategically place any rugs or towels around the house on any carpets’ or high traffic areas.

4. Keep pets off carpet

This one is obvious, but you’ll want to keep pets that go in and out of the home off any carpeted areas. This can be accomplished with pet gates or shutting doors, if your carpet is only in certain areas of the home.

5. Remove odors

Wet dog hair, wet clothes and wet carpets from heavy rain outside can cause a moldy or stale smell. Make sure your home is being well ventilated. There are a lot of natural solutions you can use to make the carpets and air smell fresh. Soaking the carpet with white vinegar and water, then adding baking soda and vacuuming after will clear any smells of dampness.

6. Hire a professional cleaning service

If your carpet does happen to get very dirty and muddy during this rainy season, it can be best to hire a professional carpet cleaner to take care of removing the stains. Not only can this help keep carpets protected in the future, but you’re home will also feel completely fresh after a wet winter.

With these tips for protecting your carpets and us a call away should they need cleaning, you’ll feel prepared for El Nino in California this year.

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