Tile and Grout Cleaning

We are confident that Environmental Tile Care professionals will restore your tile and grout floors better than any other cleaner in any of the areas that we serve: Malibu, Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Thousand Oaks, West Lake, Newbury Park, Woodland Hills.

Moreover, we will help your floors keep the lustre longer by applying the highest quality non-toxic, environmentally safe sealers.  And when we’re done with your floors, our professionals will teach you the proper way to care for your tile and grout so you have more time to enjoy your floors between professional cleanings.

So you chose tile floors because they are beautiful and add a great character to your home.  Perhaps you chose tile also because it’s hypoallergenic. With tile, you avoid the problem of dust, soil, mites, and allergens building up within carpet fibers and deteriorating the indoor air quality of your home. Agreeably, it’s a ‘clean’ choice.

But are your floors really clean?  Compare the high traffic areas to less used parts of the room.  Chances are your floors have lost their luster as the tiles and grout accumulated dirt and stains that you simply can’t get out anymore with routine cleaning.

You may even have put forth some valiant efforts with an old toothbrush and bleach or some concoction of vinegar and baking soda.  But no matter what eHow promises, a toothbrush is not a viable option for hundreds of square feet of tile flooring.  You could even be worse off since using improper cleaning products will ultimately damage the tile and grout making it even more susceptible to staining and dirt accumulation.

Fortunately, there are ways to effectively clean this embedded grime from your floors. Environmental Tile Care Professionals have the training and tools to restore your floors to their intended color and beauty. We use only safe, non-toxic agents with high pressure, high temperature clean water steam to dissolve and force the dirt out of tile and grout. Our truck-mounted, high powered suction units extract and permanently remove the contaminants completely from your home.

Tile Cleaning

Environmental Tile Care uses non-toxic agents to begin emulsifying dirt and grime. This is followed by a machine cleaning process with eco-friendly cleaners that combine scrubbing and vapor steaming your grout.

The Environmental Care Tile and Grout Cleaning Process
Our experts will inspect all your tile and grout surfaces and discuss with you the best possible treatment. This ensures that we identify any areas that may require specialized treatment. Also, some types of stone or grout require modifications to our treatment process outlined below.

Pre-soak and Cleaning solution application
We apply a non-toxic solution to the grout in order to begin emulsifying dirt and grime. This pre-treatment loosens accumulated contaminants such as grease and soil.  After 10-15 minutes we apply a non-toxic, environmentally safe cleaner.  We allow the cleaner to dwell before beginning the machine cleaning process.

Machine Cleaning
Our pressure washing system generates high pressure, clean, steam vapor to eject the loosened soil from the tile and grout. The Environmental technician can activate specialized brushes on the machine to provide additional mechanical aid for dislodging dirt along grout lines and tile surfaces.  Additionally, we use specialized equipment to perform edge and baseboard cleaning.  Our cleaning machine is connected to a powerful vacuum hose which extracts the water and cleaning agents, removing it to a containment tank on our truck.  We take away the waste water and dispose of it in accordance with EPA regulations.

After we’ve removed any remaining water from the floor we perform an initial inspection to determine if repeat treatments are necessary.  To speed-dry your floors, we use high-powered air movers to dry your tile and grout safely and quickly.  Afterward, we’ll inspect again and perform spot cleaning on any stains revealed upon drying.

Yes, our service includes application of a tile and grout sealant.  We will seal your newly finished floor with an impregnating sealer.  Once absorbed, the sealer creates a barrier against future staining or grime accumulation. Our clear, non-toxic sealer does not alter the appearance of the tile or grout, it merely preserves the natural beauty of the floor.

Our professionals have years of experience with cleaning tile and grout and before they leave, they’ll take the time to teach you about caring for your tile and grout to minimize dirt buildup and prolong the lifetime of your floor.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Discover the original beauty of your floor with Tile and Grout Cleaning by Environmental Tile Care. We use environmentally friendly products that will leave your home healthy and happy.