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People Love Us on Yelp!

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People Love us on Yelp, 2017 Award winner for Best Customer Service! Our approach is to a commitment to a holistic definition of service: creating value for others, outside and within our organization. We appreciate customers’ concerns take action to make sure they are happy.

Summer carpet cleaning tips

Jul 26, 2015   //   by Ema   //   Blog Topics  //  No Comments

Summer is the season when your carpets are most susceptible to stains with all the indoor and outdoor activity. A spilled soda here, tar and mud from the beach gets traipsed in, melted ice cream dripping down over there.

No matter what stain you’re faced with, know that time is of the essence. The faster you remove it, the better chance you have of removing it completely.

The most common stains in the summer months are blood, candy, melted chocolate, grass, ice cream, condiments like mustard/ketchup and beverages like fruit juices, wine and sodas.

Summer carpet cleaning tips for moments like this.

Summer carpet cleaning tips for moments like this.

When dealing with stains this summer you’ll find that the recommended cleaning solutions are items you already have at your disposal. Here are some tried and true summer carpet cleaning tips.

Hydrogen peroxide – this drug store solution can be great on stains like blood, chocolate, soda, candy, berries and ice cream. Make sure you buy hydrogen peroxide that is 3%. Higher concentrations could affect carpet color.

White vinegar – if spills are alkaline based you’ll want to grab white vinegar. The mild acid neutralizes alkaline spills. These are stains like pet urine and beer. You’ll mix 1 cup of white vinegar and 1 cup of water, start blotting and then rinse.

Rubbing alcohol – this mild cleaning solution helps dissolve oily or waxy components like asphalt, tar, grease and makeup. Use directly from the bottle for stains. For those of us that live by the beach, we’ve been using this no doubt for years.

When using these solutions on stains, remember the number one rule of spot cleaning is to BLOT. Instead of trying to rub the stain, which will further embed it into the carpet fibers, blot it and try to absorb it up out of the carpet. Here we explain the difference between a spot and a stain.

To learn more stain fighting solutions that will protect your carpets, Martha Stewart’s “An Owners Guide to Rug and Carpet Care” is an excellent resource.