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Delivering the best air duct cleaning in Los Angeles

Aug 25, 2015   //   by Ema   //   Blog Topics  //  No Comments

If you notice dust and debris buildup on your grating or duct covers (and those get cleaned fairly regularly), just imagine the buildup that must be occurring within the ducts where you cannot reach to clean. Ducts that bend and turn inside your walls throughout the house are especially vulnerable to buildup of debris and contaminants. There are fans and motors at the heart of the system that need to be routinely checked and cleaned due to accumulating dirt and dust.

A dangerously dirty air duct on the left with years of dust and build up vs a clean air duct

A dangerously dirty air duct on the left with years of dust and build up vs a clean air duct

Indoor air quality and respiratory health are some of the most important aspects of living in your home. Air ducts and HVAC systems should be inspected by reputable, certified HVAC professionals. Our technicians have over 10 years of experience and are certified with the International Institute of Cleaning and Restoration. We consistently deliver the best air duct cleaning in Los Angeles. This is our process:

Environmental Carpet & Air Care duct cleaning process

Environmental Air Care’s process is the best air duct cleaning in Los Angeles.

1. First we remove, hand wash, chemically sanitize, hand dry and reinstall the furnace blower and motor assembly.

2. Next, we set up a negative air pressure in the air duct system by attaching our Air Care Super Turbo 3500 Triple Hepa Filter environmental vacuum system to the furnace end of the air duct system. This high-powered vacuum machine sucks all the pollutants from the duct system into it and completely traps them inside.

3. Finally, we sanitize and internally seal and deodorize the duct system with a powerful fogging machine and hypo allergenic, non-toxic deodorization solutions. Nothing is released into the air because we have created a closed system from one end of the duct that we are brushing to the other end where the air and contamination are being captured by the vacuum system. All of our cleaning solutions are environmentally safe, are made with your health in mind and improve your indoor air quality.

4. As an option, Environmental Air Care Professionals can install the most advanced Electro-Static Micron Filters at the furnace to capture dust and pollutants before they re-enter your duct system.

To keep your air ducts in the best shape possible follow a good preventative maintenance program. The difference with Environmental Air Care is that we treat your entire system whereas other services may only clean your air ducts.